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The Team

Kim Walker & Vicky Chown met whilst studying Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster, became friends and set up Handmade Apothecary as a way to share herbal medicine with local communities. They now live on a narrowboat, with Marley the dog, travelling across  London and beyond using the plants they find along the way.

Kim Walker

Though Yorkshire born, Kim was brought up in the wild and beautiful West coast of Scotland in an ancient woodland where her love of plants was first nurtured. Kim went on to study a BSc & MSc in Herbal medicine research. She now runs HA with Vicky whilst working in the Economic Botany Collection at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew where she gets to indulge in her love plants and their many amazing uses and histories. She is also on the board of the Herbal History Research Network and is a member of the Association of Foragers.

Vicky Chown

In contrast, Vicky was born and raised in London. She had a calling to study nature from a young age and didn't let city living get in the way. She began foraging and growing food and medicine as a teenager in any green space she could find - local parks, wastelands, window boxes and back gardens.

Her passion for herbs led her to work for Neal’s Yard Remedies for 7 years where she developed her extensive knowledge of herbal remedies and natural skin care. This led to teaching foraging and herbal remedy making and working on her own allotment and in an organic community garden where she now grows many of the plants that we use for Handmade Apothecary.

...and Marley the Herb Dog

Marley is Vicky & Kim's trusty sidekick herb dog. Always to be depended on to sniff out herbs deep in the hedgerow, she is quite shy but loves children, other dogs and trying to convince attendees on herb walks that they would rather be throwing sticks for her than learning about foraging.