The advice found on this website is for educational and information purposes only. We are interested in the medicinal and edible tradition of plants that  may not have evidence from research trials, but will have had long evidence of historical ethnobotanical use.

When learning about herbs and plants to use as food and medicine, our advice would be: if you have any medical problems and/or are on any medications or drugs, are pregnant or lactating or would like to use herbs long-term - seek advice and guidance with a herbalist and your doctor/GP before using herbs in medicinal quantities.

Patch test any external products on an area of skin for 48 hours before use to test for any reactions/allergies.

Do not give herbal medicine to young children or babies without checking with a herbalist/medical practitioner first.

Discontinue any product you try if you have any negative reaction or allergies and seek professional help.

Not everything that is natural is safe! Nor if something is 'good for you' should you go over the top and take lots of it! Be balanced and moderate in your decisions.

Importantly, enjoy discovering the world of herbs - don't be scared, but do use your common sense!

Best wishes

Kim & Vicky x