Booking Terms and Conditions for individuals on public events (use of website/cautions next section)

  • To book your place, full payment is required.

  • The walk/workshop will go ahead even if the weather is inclement, unless there are severe weather warnings, however Kim & Vicky reserve the right to make this decision if the walk/workshop goes ahead and will inform participants.

  • Full refunds are possible if cancellations are no later than 28 days before the walk or workshop date. 50% refunds are available if cancellations are between 27-15 days before the workshop date. No refund is possible if the attendee cancels 14 days or less before the walk or workshop. Transfers to other courses are not available as they are usually fully booked.

  • Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months and will not be accepted beyond the expiry date unless the course date you wish to book is postponed or cancelled.

  • Refunds are not available for gift vouchers but they can be transferred to any course or event or to another person.

  • Any travel, accommodation or other arrangements, made for your participation on the course are entirely made at your own risk.

  • Course cancellations are rare, but if Kim and Vicky have to cancel a course, all fees paid will be refunded (unless you choose to be transferred onto another course), but no liability can be accepted for any consequential losses you might incur.

  • You are responsible for transfer fees and bank administration fees. Please check the amount of these fees with your bank at the point of transfer and add any transfer fees that might be incurred with your payment.

  • You are advised to insure yourself against any losses due to either you having to cancel your place, or the course being cancelled.

  • Kim and Vicky reserve the right to make changes to the programme as necessary. Changes to venue will be published far in advance and will remain within a reasonable area. E.g. London workshops will remain in London.


Booking T&Cs for corporate events

  • Acceptance of terms and conditions - By confirming and agreeing in writing (eg: via email or letter) to dates and price for walks, talks and workshops, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions below.

  • Payments - A retainer fee will be paid 28 days before the event. For bookings less than 28 days in advance of the event date. The remaining agreed fee must be paid within 28 days of the event.

  • Cancellations by the hirer - Events cancelled within 90 days of the event date will incur a 10% cancellation fee. Cancellations less than 28 days will incur a 50% fee. 

  • Cancellations by Handmade Apothecary - Cancellations due to poor weather (HA reserve the right to make a decision on this), venue problems or sickness will be with as much warning as possible, and Handmade Apothecary shall not be liable for loss of time, money or expenses for these circumstances outside of our control. Should HA need to cancel an event, an alternative date will be offered.


Use of website

  • The advice found on this website is for educational and information purposes only. We are interested in the medicinal and edible tradition of plants that may not have evidence from research trials, but will have had long evidence of historical ethnobotanical use.

  • Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements (see below for general advice and guidance)

  • We may link to other websites or publications (in print or digital) for further information. Their reference does not signify that we endorse the website(s) or publication(s). We have no responsibility for the content of the linked website(s).

  • Use of this website without written permission except through fair and credited sharing may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence.

  • Neither we nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered on this website for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.


Sensible advice for using herbal remedies

When learning about herbs and plants to use as food and medicine (and hence if you decide to use any knowledge on this website), our other advice would be:

  • If you have any health problems and/or are on any medications or drugs, are pregnant or lactating or would like to use herbs long-term - seek advice and guidance with a herbalist and your doctor/GP before using herbs in medicinal quantities.

  • Patch test any external products on an area of skin for 48 hours before use to test for any reactions/allergies.

  • Do not give herbal medicine to young children or babies without checking with a herbalist/medical practitioner first.

  • Not everything that is considered 'natural' is safe! Nor if something is 'good for you' should you go over the top and take lots of it! Be balanced, moderate and well researched in your decisions.

  • Discontinue any product you try if you have any negative reaction or allergies and seek professional help. A wonderful herbal teacher, Christopher Hedley, used to teach that 'herbs have reactions, not actions'. Each person is their own unique make up of differing amount of chemistry and biology, receptors and such. Because of this, even seemingly simple herbs may cause adverse reactions, just like anything else.

  • Importantly, enjoy discovering the world of herbs - don't be scared, but do use your common sense!

Best wishes

Kim & Vicky x