Wild Pesto



·       Two big handfuls of Three Cornered Leeks (leaves and stems are fine – if the flowers are out, save them for a garnish).

·       A big handful of nettle leaves

·       A good glug of olive oil - 50-100ml (depending on how oily you like your pesto).

·       Nuts about 100g - a mixture of cashews and pine nuts work really well but feel free to experiment.

·       Grated hard cheese - Like Parmesan or a hard goats cheese. This pesto can also be made vegan buy omitting the cheese and adding a pinch more salt along with some brewers yeast or vegan cheese.

·       Salt and pepper.


Toast the nuts in a dry frying pan or oven for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool a little

First chop & blend the nettles really small - to get rid of the stings. Chop the rest of the herbs roughly and throw them in the blender along with the cheese, salt and pepper and half the nuts. Add a good glug of the oil (about half of it). Pulse until roughly blended.

Add the rest of the nuts and pulse a few more times to leave the pesto with some crunch. If the pesto looks dry, add more oil. Spoon into sterilised glass jars and cover with a layer of oil. Every time you use some of the pesto cover with another layer of oil to keep the air out. Store in the fridge and it should last a couple of weeks this way. It freezes well so you could make a huge batch to have throughout the year. 

Hey Pesto! Serve on pasta, crackers...