Vicky Chown provides one-to-one, in-depth herbal consultations for health and skincare.

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How does Herbal Medicine Work?

Herbal medicine is a holistic practice that uses the phytochemical constituents found in herbs along with changes in nutrition and lifestyle to bring about a state of balance and vitality to the body. 

How is Herbal Medicine Different?

Herbal medicine aims to bring a state of balance to a dis-eased system. It is a truly holistic from of medicine that takes all areas of health into account. Holistic practices aim to truly heal the body instead of just masking symptoms.

A good example of this is a patient suffering from headaches. The current mainstream health practitioner may prescribe painkillers to ease the symptom of pain in this patient. As headaches can have a myriad of causes E.g; dehydration, hormonal imbalance, stress, muscle spasm, sinusitis, IBS (just to name a few), an herbalist would do a thorough examination of the patient, taking into account many factors including lifestyle, diet, drug side effects and every organ system in the body of the to diagnose the true root of the illness.

What to Expect from Your First Consultation

Your first consultation with an herbalist can last between 1-2 hours. During this time the herbalist will take a full history of your health, including past medical history, family health, allergies, diet and lifestyle. After this there may be an physical examination if necessary. Your herbalist will then make a diagnosis and treatment plan especially tailored to you. Your prescription will then be sent to you. Herbs may be administered in a variety of forms including teas, creams, syrups and tinctures (herbs extracted in alcohol). 

Herbal medicine Consultations

First appointment 90 minutes £60

Follow-up appointments 60 minutes £40

If you are on a low income, concessions can be arranged.

Herbal Medicines

£7.50 per 100ml for liquid tinctures (alcohol) or glycerites (non-alcohol)

£5.00 per 100g dried herbs