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Summer Wild Herb Walk - Hampstead Heath

PLEASE NOTE: IF you bought a ticket before 3 July, Please contact us ASAP as an error in the system has lost & not notfified us of payments. 

The relationship between people and plants for both food and medicine goes back hundreds of thousands of years.  In the recent centuries, this knowledge has been forgotten....

Take a walk on the wild side with herbalists Kim & Vicky to re-discover the wild herbs and plants growing on Hampstead Heath and their past uses by the communities around them.

Learn about:

  • correct wild plant identification,
  • the folklore & traditional uses of herbs,
  • sample some traditional foraged edibles and medicines and take home recipes

£35/£25 concessions.

Herbal walk tickets 22/07/17

Hampstead Heath Herb Walk 06/05/07

Location on booking. Hampstead Heath.

Bring a pen, notebook and camera if you wish. A raincoat is also a good idea.


The walk will go ahead even if the weather is not perfect: unless there are severe weather warnings-  Kim & Vicky reserve the right to make this decision if the walk goes ahead and will inform participants. If such circumstances occur, a refund or a transfer of the ticket may be possible.

Full refunds are possible if cancellations are no later than 14 days before the walk. 50% refunds are available if cancellations are over 14 days. No refund is possible if the attendee cancels less than 72 hours before the walk. A transfer to another course may be available.

NB: Picking plants in the protected space of Hampstead Heath is prohibited. Walks with permission of the City of London